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Colorado Springs apartments with laundry

On-Site Laundry

Our centrally located on-site laundry is near the office and swimming pool and for the use of Residents only. It’s an agreeably cheery laundry waiting for you with new LED lighting, new paint and folding table and air conditioning.

Reddit’s 42 Rules Of Apartment Rental
No. 22 says, “An apartment with laundry facilities will save you money.” 🙂 And we agree.

Laundry A/C/ and folding table

What Is On Site Laundry?

That means there is a laundry facility here on the Paloma Terrace grounds, and you don’t have to pack your clothes into the car and take them somewhere else to wash and dry. You can do that right here at home which makes us Colorado Springs apartments with laundry ‘on site’.

The Laundry Is Open

★ The laundry facility is open to Residents. It’s being professionally cleaned twice a week, and wiped down twice per day by Maintenance, and we’re asking Residents to wipe the equipment down after their use.

The top small photo above shows one of two LED lights and the new paint of the onsite laundry, and the bottom photo shows the larger folding table and laundry window air conditioner. Both LED lights are in the daylight color spectrum which helps clothes look more natural than yellow cool-white lights, and it’s also easier to see what you’re doing when washing, drying and folding clothes. Air conditioning has been added to the on site laundry in time for summer. Yay!

Don’t Overload The Washing Machines

Please remember to not overload the washing machines. That could cause a motor or belt to burn out, as can happen with any clothes washer if you overload it, and your clothes will be cleaner if you don’t pack them in tight.

Please also remove clothes promptly so your neighbors can use the machines. Thank you.

On-Site Laundry • No Large Bulky Items Please

Please wash your large bulky items, like sleeping bags or a heavy quilt, in a local laundromat with commercial double-load machines. Our commercial machines are not double-load.

The closest laundromat is the Lost Sock Laundromat, 2928 Wood Ave, which is 0.9 mile east on Fillmore Street. This is not an endorsement, but it’s closest according to Google Maps.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call (719) 634-7034 or you can email us, and when you visit be sure to call in advance. No cost to look, you'll be happy you did.

The rental application and criteria are available here for you to print or download.

1 Bedroom Apartment In Colorado Springs CO

We specialize in 1 bedroom apartments Colorado Springs only and offer you country-style living with a courtyard lawn and lots of open space on 2.1 acres.

On-Site Laundry Location

The on-site laundry site is in the north courtyard under the rent office which is up a flight of stairs on a small hill near the pool with a new fence and large deck.

Easy To Find

Paloma Terrace is easy to find at 2910 Sage Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is a short drive southwest of the I-25 Fillmore Street interchange, where you want to be. Away from the hustle and bustle.

Year ‘Round Comfort

Paloma Terrace residents are comfortable through all seasonal temperature changes.

With an average July high of 85℉, air conditioning provides relief when you want it. The average January low of 18℉ is also not a problem with steady, quiet hydronic baseboard heat, while double-pane energy efficient windows add to the all-season enjoyment of daily life at your Paloma Terrace home.

Affordable Apartments

Yes, there are affordable apartments in Colorado Springs. Ours, and we'll be happy to show them to you. Just ask.

Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent

We’re also pet friendly apartments for rent in Colorado Springs apartments with laundry. Whenever you like, let's talk about what’s available for you and your furry friend. Please mention your pet before you apply.

Sorry, you can’t wash your pet in our cheery on-site laundry. 🙂