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Off-Street Parking

Off-Street Parking

Off-street parking is something everyone who drives can enjoy yet at times be hard to find. Off street parking means you park your vehicle on private property not the public street.

Our community meets Colorado Springs parking standards.

We provide free off street parking in our front lot and the lot in back. It’s nice to not have to wonder if you’ll have a parking space if you come home late. We have ample on site parking. You should always be able to park on our property.

Free Off Street Parking In Lots Front & Back

When you come home, you can park your car conveniently off the street near your Paloma Terrace residence. It’s what every resident here does who drives a car and not all do.

The parking lot at the front of our community has access from Sage Street and West Taylor Street. Parking in the back has access from Straus Lane and West Taylor Street. Each lot has driveways on two streets which makes easy access for residents and guests.

Affordable Apartments

Yes, there are affordable apartments in Colorado Springs. Ours, and we'll be happy to show them to you. Just ask.

1 Bedroom Apartment In Colorado Springs CO

We specialize in 1 bedroom apartments Colorado Springs only and offer you country-style living with a courtyard lawn and lots of open space on 2.1 acres.

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Please feel free to call (719) 634-7034 or you can email us, and when you visit be sure to call in advance. No cost to look, you'll be happy you did.

Walk, Bike, Public Alternatives

If you want to leave your private car at home or don’t drive (many people don’t drive these days), public transportation is not that far away. Many conveniences are within walking distance locally and over the Fillmore Street pedestrian bridge.

If a bicycle is your primary mode of speedy transportation, the south courtyard lawn has a bicycle rack for convenience of our Residents. Or store it at home.

Pet Friendly Apartments Colorado Springs

We're also pet friendly apartments Colorado Springs. Whenever you'd like, let's talk about what's available for you and your furry friend. Please mention your pet before you apply.

Free Off Street Parking—Welcome Home

Leave your car and walk to your home from the front or back lot. Welcome home.