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Paloma Terrace Community News And Events

Community News And Events

Welcome to our community newsletter about our Colorado Springs apartments. Click or press a link for the edition you want to read.

When you click or press a link below, you’ll access your selected newsletter edition. Doing that may display the newsletter on your screen or download a PDF document. How that works is determined by settings on your device.

To help avoid Covid-19, there are no hallways or touchpoints here between your car and home.

Our first community news and events newsletter is 3.2Mb in size which may be too big to save on your mobile phone but probably not too big to save on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can always delete it after reading to re-capture the storage space. February, 2020 is our first newsletter made available here at the website. We hope you enjoy the easy online access.

Community News And Events Archived Editions

Keep Informed Of Community News And Events

We hope you enjoy reading our community newsletters. If you want to know more about Paloma Terrace history and plans for the future, there is also a page about us that covers it all.

Our goal is to keep Paloma Terrace Residents informed about the projects and plans happening in your community and to do it in a clear and understandable way. The intent is for the newsletter and other means of communication to be worthy of those who live here, those who read this online, and to be creative in the approach.

Simple Safety Tips for Apartment Living

For additional reading, the blog post at Multifamily Insiders is important for us all even though it wasn’t published in our community news and events. These safety tips are timeless as you can see from the 2010 publication date.