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Colorado Springs one bedroom apartments rent rates

One Bedroom Apartments Rent Rates Colorado Springs

Our affordable Colorado Springs one bedroom apartments rent rates can meet your budget needs. And our staff will exceed your service expectations. All at a fair price.

Monthly Rents From November 1, 2019

Our one bedroom apartments are your best apartment value in Colorado Springs today.

The lease rate you pay can depend on the following variables: The location and features of a particular residence. How much the home has been remodeled. Your move-in date. And the lease term you choose.

With our rents being market and feature based, you just pay for what you get. It's only fair.

Electric utilities are separately metered. Other utilities are billed through a Ratio Utility Billing System.

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Fair Market Rents

It helps everyone for our one bedroom apartments rent rates to be posted here at the website. They’re fair market rents. Price is always important, but it isn’t everything. There are other factors that contribute to the value our apartment community has to offer.


A maximum of three persons for each apartment home.

Living Space Flow

How an apartment's living space accommodates you and the way you live is an important feature that often goes unnoticed. What we want to bring to your attention here is know as "living space flow", and our one bedroom apartments floor plans flow very well. This may sound simple but it's actually important.

It's important for you to actually see.

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One More Thing

We always suggest you preview your new home in person before signing a lease to make sure it meets your lifestyle needs. Whether you rent from us or somewhere else, don’t lease it if you haven’t walked it.

Price, terms and availability are subject to change.