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Palmer Park vista

Palmer Park

Palmer Park is a regional Colorado Springs park with a 3650 Maizeland Road address. Map coordinates are 38°52′56″N 104°46′40″W.

Paloma Terrace is at 2910 Sage Street in Northwest Colorado Springs.
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A Very Short Park History

Palmer Park was once owned by Matt France, the earliest recorded owner. In 1873, France sold the property to Henry Austin who used it to raise sheep, and the general area became known as Austin Bluffs. In 1902, William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs, donated 692 acres to the town (1900 population 21,085) for a park. Thank you, sir!

Current Day

Now at a total of 730.7 acres, the park contains over 25 miles of trails for horseback riding, mountain biking, walking and hiking. The vistas are wide open, clear, and beautiful. The surroundings are generally low brush that’s generally untouched. The terrain is rocky and trails are hard-packed dirt.

All trailheads have parking areas and some have restrooms. There is select wheelchair access. Trails are rated easy, intermediate, advanced and other (that’s helpful). The map available below lists 10 picnic areas with three marked ‘reservation only’ which means more facilities, but the dirt trails are just dirt trails. The map also shows a dog run area and dog park.

The Mark Reyner Stables (partially seen in the photo above) are visible in a canyon below that Mesa Trail vantage point. Horses have their own trails out of the stables, and people on foot or pedal use other trails, but not alone. There is an abundance of dogs walking trails with their people. Off the leash; dogs off the leash, not people. Signs are posted along the trails about dogs remaining on the leash, but that’s not fair because dogs don’t read.

In addition to the amenities featured above, Palmer Park includes the following:

  • Two baseball/softball fields
  • Community playground
  • Football/soccer field
  • Botanical reserve
  • Seven Castles geological point of interest
  • Three volleyball courts

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Palmer Park Directions and Map

It’s an easy route of about 4.2 miles from Paloma Terrace to this grand wilderness in the City, an 11-minute drive.

  • Turn Right onto W Fillmore Street. It continues onto N Circle Drive.
    (2.6 miles combined)
  • Just past Union Street, turn Left onto Paseo Road and keep going.

Be sure to note park hours when you enter. Staff close and lock big gates at the end of the day, and don’t forget sunscreen and to wear a hat if it’s your custom.

Use the following link to view, download, or print a PDF version of the onsite (when available) official Palmer Park map.

People who walk, hike, bike, or run the park trails and picnic are out to enjoy nature unbound. You can too.

Thank You Wikipedia

Hat Tip to Wikipedia for much (not all) of the factual details above. Color commentary and the shameless promotion of Paloma Terrace are not yet claimed. Photo by the author.