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Local Public Schools

You Have a Choice at Our Local Public Schools

With our Colorado Springs local public schools, you have a choice of where to send your child when you live here at Paloma Terrace one bedroom apartments.The District 11 choice window is November 1—February 15. Mark it on your calendar. It’s your opportunity to enroll your student in a school that offers a path to lifelong success.

Paloma Terrace is at 2910 Sage Street in Northwest Colorado Springs. Call (719) 634-7034 for information.

Current Status of The District

FROM THEIR WEBSITE: “District 11 uses a mass communication system to notify the community of any remote learning days, delays, or closures. In addition to receiving notifications via email, text message (if you opted in for texting), and mobile app notifications, an alert window will pop up on any page on the District 11 website you visit. This will ensure you receive the notification in a timely manner. The notification box can be acknowledged and closed.

To find out the current status of District 11 Schools, you can always call 520-2300. Notices are also sent to the District Flash News Alerts Feed and the D11 Twitter Feed.”

We suggest you contact the district in advance and sign up for their Flash News Alerts Feed and follow them on Twitter if you want. We do not link to them here.

Local Public Schools • You Have a Choice

Below are our local public schools. You might have other private or parochial options.

If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are planning for a decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate the people. – Chinese Proverb

You have a choice at our local public schools in Colorado Springs School District 11. What does this mean for you? It means more choices for parents and students than any other school district in the City.

To help you avoid common touch points, there are no doorways or hallways from your car to home here at Paloma Terrace.

Local Public Schools • Colorado Springs School District 11

District 11 has International Baccalaureate programs at the elementary, middle and high school level. Programs like CORE Knowledge and Advanced Placement. Plus a unique Gifted and Talented program along with a comprehensive Career and Technology Education program.

Our District also has the only public Montessori program for elementary age students in the region. Plus an extensive list of athletic programs at the high school level.

Local Public Schools

As you can see, our local public schools are part of a very well-rounded district.


The above information is believed accurate but may have changed and is not guaranteed. Please contact the district directly if you have questions or want to enroll your child.

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Each home has steady, quiet hydronic baseboard heat for winter and air-conditioned comfort in summer, and of course the transition seasons of spring and fall. Energy efficient double-pane windows add to the all-season enjoyment of daily life at your Paloma Terrace home.

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