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Welcome to our new website!

We are proud to announce our new website. The property was purchased July 30th and has been named Paloma Terrace, with the full title being Paloma Terrace One Bedroom Apartment Homes. Like it says on the sign out front.

Why the name change? First, there is another apartment community nearby with the same prior name. Second was using the Spanish word Mesa, which translates to ‘table’ or ‘flat.’ Our two beautiful acres in Colorado Springs are hardly flat. Take a look at our rolling green courtyard lawn to see that. Third there is a view, but we decided that emphasizing the terrace was more appropriate. Paloma is Spanish for ‘dove,’ goes well with terrace and honors the history of this area.

Please take a look at the pages here and then come visit us at 2910 Sage Street, Colorado Springs, CO. There is a lot of information here at the website, and if you find a mistake, please drop us a note using one of the contact forms. We’ll be happy to correct it, and while you’re at it please let us know what you think about our new website. All comments are welcome.

Big thanks go to Adam at ClearCode software for his professional coding and graphics expertise. It was great working with him, and there are many, many details in the background that contribute to the professional look and ease of use this website offers. And that all goes to help people find us and rent our Colorado Springs one bedroom apartments here in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Besides the new website, we’re making some nice changes around the property. Two big trees are being trimmed, and one terribly overgrown tree will be removed. Four apartments are being completely remodeled with all-new flooring, new cabinets, new hardware, new air conditioner, and new lighting. And trash pickup has been increased from twice per week to three times a week, a small change but much more convenient for our residents.

So come see us today. You’ll be happy you did. We look forward to showing you around and welcoming you home to Paloma Terrace.

Paloma Terrace Launches New Website