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How to maximize small space homes has been an idea we’ve expressed here at the Paloma Terrace website since it launched in 2015. The following information based on a New York Times article supports our expression, and we encourage you to read their full feature. It offers many useful tips.

The key to understand how to maximize small space homes is, “Every inch counts.” From under the bed to unclaimed wall space over your head. While moving can be stressful, living in a small space home need not be. And it certainly helps to be smart about how you approach it.

Julia Montanez, an interior designer who lives in a 450-square-foot Manhattan apartment said, “You have to stop being a hoarder. The secret to small-space living is trying to avoid owning too much stuff; that’s a good practice for life. You don’t have to be a minimalist, but you have to get really creative where you store your things and maybe think twice about buying something new.”

You can start by considering how to use your limited space by mentally sorting your belongings into two groups: (1) What you need, and (2) What you want to have but don’t really need.

Every space has to work for a particular purpose, so first start by living in your new small space home for a while before making any major purchases. That way Ms. Montanez said, “You get an idea of how to make your home as functional as possible.”

Susan Winberg, also an interior designer advises, “If you have limited closet space, prioritize where you store your things. Making a tight spot work can require bending the runes on traditional uses of space.”

Every big piece of furniture should have legs if possible, to provide storage space underneath. The easiest way to maximize small space homes is use each space for more than one function.

Maximize Small Space Homes, Every Inch Counts