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Pictures and Photos of Paloma Terrace

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Pictures and photos of our 1 bedroom apartments and the Paloma Terrace community. To read a short comment, click on *i* at the bottom center of the full-sized photo. Paloma Terrace is at 2910 Sage Street in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please call (719) 634-7034 and then let us welcome you to our community.

You can also view our 3D floor plans on another page.

Ground Floor + Exterior Entrance = No Hallways or Touchpoints

Every home is on the ground floor with an exterior entrance. In addition to the convenience, privacy, and easy access to outdoors this provides, it also helps you avoid Covid-19 because there are no hallways or touchpoints here between your car and home.

It’s the terracing of our land that gives us these features, hence the name Paloma (Spanish for dove) Terrace. There are homes above and below each other as shown in these pictures, but there are no staircases up and down the buildings. We do have stairs at various locations around the property not seen in the photos.

We are pet friendly apartments.

Pictures and Photos

Enjoy our pictures and photos. They reflect the continual changes happening at Paloma Terrace.

Pictures and Photos of One Bedroom Apartments Colorado Springs

As these pictures and photos show, we specialize in 1 bedroom apartments Colorado Springs and offer you country-style living with a large south courtyard lawn and other open spaces on 2.1 acres.

Affordable Apartments for Rent

Yes, there are affordable apartments for rent in Colorado Springs seen in the pictures. Ours are affordable but not cheap, and we’ll be happy to show you the high caliber of the management team, homes and community you can enjoy here at Paloma Terrace. Just ask.

Enjoying the Pictures and Photos? Contact Us

Please feel free to call (719) 634-7034 or send an email, and then let us welcome you to our community at 2910 Sage Street. No cost to look, just like these pictures and photos.

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Office hours are at the bottom-right of this page. We’re closed for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Community News

In addition to these photos, our latest Paloma Terrace community news is available here at the website for residents and guests to enjoy.