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Home and maintenance questions

Home and Maintenance Questions Answered

This page includes common home and maintenance questions with their answers. Why? We want to answer these questions for prospective Residents before they move in.

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Common Home and Maintenance Questions

Multiple questions often have a single answer as is the case below. Do we cover all questions? No and that probably won’t happen, but we do attempt to answer the common ones.

The Chat Bot is not intended for emergency maintenance requests. For emergency maintenance, call the office at (719) 634-7034 and use Option 3 to leave a message. Maintenance will return your call within 30 minutes or less.

Home and Maintenance Questions Answered

The Q&A format used below is easy to follow, and the home and maintenance questions are in no particular order at this time.

Q: How is maintenance?
Q: Who do I call for maintenance?
Q: Do you have emergency maintenance?
A: We have a wonderful maintenance team that you can reach through the rental office at (719) 634-7034. For emergency maintenance, you should call the office and use Option 3 to leave a message. Maintenance will return your call within 30 minutes or less.

Q: Can I mount my TV?
Q: Are we allowed to hang things on the walls?
A: Yes. We do allow you to hang pictures and TV’s, but please know there will be a damage charge to fill in the holes.

Q: Can we paint the walls?
A: We have the designer colors we use already on the walls in every apartment home. We ask that you do not paint the walls, add wallpaper or trim art.

Q: Is there good water pressure?
A: Yes. We do have good water pressure because of our location on the hill.

3 Ways to Contact Us

You're welcome to Call (719) 634-7034, or Write using our email form, or Chat with us when we’re online or 24/7 ask Helper Bot. No cost to look, and you'll be happy you did.

Security Deposit Home and Maintenance Questions

Want to get your Security Deposit back? Well honestly, we want to return your Security Deposit and not have to clean up your apartment for you. That’s why we provide a move-out checklist link below here in the home and maintenance questions.

A Move Out Checklist

Nationwide insurance has a general Moving Out Checklist that details what typically needs to be cleaned in an apartment to help you get your Security Deposit returned. You can read the list on their website or download a printable PDF copy (by clicking or pressing on the list image) and tick off all the boxes before you go through the official move-out process.