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Trail Ridge Road of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA.*

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Paloma Terrace is easy to find at 2910 Sage Street, a short drive southwest of the I-25 Fillmore Street interchange, where you want to be. Away from the hustle and bustle. The rent office is in the north courtyard next to the pool. From the Sage Street front parking lot, take the stairs on your right.

1 Bedroom Colorado Springs Apartments

We specialize in 1 bedroom Colorado Springs apartments and offer you country-style living on 2.1 acres with a large courtyard lawn and other open spaces.

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You're welcome to Call (719) 634-7034, or Write using our email form, or Chat with us when we’re online or 24/7 ask Helper Bot. No cost to look, and you'll be happy you did.

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We're at 2910 Sage Street in Northwest Colorado Springs.

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As listed above, all our apartment homes have a ground-floor entrance that’s also a private exterior entrance. Yes, there are homes above and below each other, however, there are no staircases up and down our two-story buildings. The slope of our Colorado Springs land takes care of that.

Trail Ridge Road

*Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park’s heavily traveled highway to the sky, inspired awe before the first motorist ever traveled it. “It is hard to describe what a sensation this new road is going to make,” predicted Horace Albright, director of the National Park Service, in 1931 during the road’s construction. He said, “You will have the whole sweep of the Rockies before you in all directions.” and that was not an exaggeration.

Covering the 48 miles between Estes Park on the park’s east side and Grand Lake on the west, Trail Ridge Road more than lives up to its advanced billing. Eleven miles of this high highway travel above treeline, the elevation near 11,500 feet where the park’s evergreen forests come to a halt.

Hat Tip to the National Parks Service for the Trail Ridge Road information.