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Colorado Springs pet friendly apartments

Colorado Springs Pet Friendly Apartments

Welcome to Paloma Terrace, a Colorado Springs pet friendly apartments community. Our pet friendly apartments have wallet-friendly rents for people with and without pets.

The Paloma Terrace staff work hard to keep our two acres well maintained. We want the community to look good for our residents, visitors and guests. You’re welcome to come by the office to pick up a doggy or kitty treat and say hello. You love pets and we do too.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call (719) 634-7034 for an appointment. Or email us. Or if you want, stop in when convenient during office hours. No cost to look, and you'll be happy you did.

Before you lease one of our apartment homes, please bring your pet in for an interview and photo op. Thank you.

Out On A Walk With Your Pet

Please keep you pet leashed at all times when out on a walk. And pick up after Fido or Kitty as needed. It’s part of being a good neighbor.

Bear Creek Dog Park

See our Bear Creek Dog Park page. Woof, that dog park is fun!

Pet Policy

Woman and small dogWe already said above that we welcome you and your pet pals to Paloma Terrace. Please read on for the details.

Service dogs of course stay for free. Most mature pets are welcome up to 55 pounds for downstairs and 35 pounds for upstairs homes. There is a pet deposit and small monthly charge of pet rent for dogs and cats. The additional deposit can be refunded if we don’t need it to make us whole after your tenancy. Pet rent is non-refundable. Please ask about your pet before you apply. Not all animals are welcome. Even though we are Colorado Springs pet friendly apartments.

Pets must be licensed and vaccinated as required by law. Written proof is required.

Your pet needs to be at least one year of age. Housebroken. And spayed or neutered if a dog or cat (written proof required). Pet offspring are not allowed. Bulldogs and aggressive animals are not welcome. Pets other than a dog or cat need to be caged or in a glass tank.

Your Pet Responsibility

You are responsible for your pet’s behavior. If your pet is not well-behaved, damages the dwelling or property, disturbs neighbors, or constitutes a risk to staff, residents or visitors, we will ask you to remove the pet or vacate the premises.

These rules are in place so that everyone can peacefully enjoy their home here at Paloma Terrace. We hope you understand.