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Fresh food market delivery

Food Delivery Colorado Springs, Market, Ride, 80907

A neighborhood food delivery market or fast food delivery Colorado Springs service at your door, plus ride delivery, helps make it easy to eat at home, and what used to only be a taxi ride now includes an Uber or Lyft car or a shuttle.

We focus here on external services that can benefit all of our residents—food delivery Colorado Springs, food delivery market, ride delivery and ride call.

Food Delivery Colorado Springs

If you need food, our lists below include a wide variety of sources where you’ll find dozens of options include traditional American food delivery Colorado Springs, southern food delivery Colorado Springs, seafood delivery Colorado Springs, food delivery 80907 and more.

On The Go

  • Uber – Ride call and rideshare (car service)
  • Lyft – Ride call and rideshare (car service)
  • Silver Key (719-884-2300) – Shuttle service

Meet the driver where you can and where you feel personally comfortable. Personal safety is always important.

After you request a ride but before you hop in, take a moment and follow these 3 steps with your ride-call app to make sure you get into the right vehicle:

  • Match the license plate number.
  • Match the car make and model.
  • Check the driver’s photo.

Uber and Lyft require an app on a smartphone and they need your credit card information. Silver Key does not require a credit card or smartphone but is limited to adults age 60 and over.

Food Delivery Market & Ride Delivery

Please Note: The Grubhub and Uber Eats links here have been preset to 2910 Sage Street (Paloma Terrace) so it’s easy to see all their available restaurants for our location. Be sure to add your apartment number if you want delivery to your door!

Walmart and Amazon will also deliver groceries to our community.

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Yes, there are affordable apartments in Colorado Springs. Ours, and we'll be happy to show them to you. Just ask.

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We specialize in 1 bedroom apartments Colorado Springs only and offer you country-style living with a courtyard lawn and lots of open space on 2.1 acres.

Vegan Food Delivery

Phrases like ‘faux-poultry’, ‘alt-meat’, ‘plant-based’, and ‘animal-free’ are often used to describe vegan food, and people who identify as vegans used to have a hard time finding something to eat at mainstream fast-food restaurants, and especially vegan food delivery, but not anymore.

The Burger King ‘Impossible Whopper’ is a big hit, and Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts) serves a plant-based protein patty in their ‘Beyond Sausage Sandwich’. At the time of this writing, our nearest Burger King and Dunkin Donuts stores do not deliver, however Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash will be happy to pick up your orders and bring them to you. (see note above Re: Grubhub and Uber Eats)

There are other restaurants that serve vegan food you can get delivered, and their number is growing, as U.S. businesses are paying more attention to their vegan customers, because no food-service business wants to be left behind with a lacking menu selection.

Hat tip to Deena Shanker for her excellent Bloomberg article on which this vegan food section is based.

Fast Food Delivery Colorado Springs

If you’re craving for national-chain fast food delivery Colorado Springs, DoorDash is a good place to start, just click on their fast food icon.

Your selection of restaurants and food delivery options here is almost endless, and the three ride call options are quite good.

Ride safe and bon appétit!


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