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I want to share with you a very nice 5-Star review for our Colorado Springs 1 bedroom apartments. A five-star review is not uncommon, but this particular anonymous review posted on is evidently from one of our current Residents.

It sums up well the dedication and attention to detail our management team consistently provide for our community. A big “congratulations and thank you” to Tammy, our Community Manager, and her supervisor DeeDee.

The anonymous review follows below exactly as written, one large paragraph of a courteous stream of consciousness.

“At first, it was a bit rocky (tidying up of previous management). I guess we learn to mature together. We were new to the complex, just like our landlord, and we grew together. I just want to say that this place has grown considerably! Tammy has grown so much and has made so many changes for the better. The pool has a new fence that keeps the outside neighborhood out. The pool makes you feel like you’re on top of the world with where it’s placed. If you want to hide in your little nook, you’ve got it! This place is right off the highway. Any job you have, you’ll be there in two shakes! The way the place is designed, you can’t hear any of the neighbors in their apartments. You have a full kitchen with fridge, and stove (electric; saves you money!). There are enough cabinets to store your dishes and food. There’s a small corner for a table, which is next to a heater so you’re not shivering at dinner! The bedroom is well sized and fits a queen sized bed, or a king, with enough room to store a dresser and a night stand or two. The closet is my favorite part in the bedroom! It has a little shelf in the middle, and you can have a his/her or his/her side due to the shelving splitting up the closet. The shelf is great for your business suits, or decor. There’s a top shelf as well that allows more storage. The bathroom is enough for two people. If you live with a “tiny home” mentality, this place is perfect! Even if you don’t, there’s room to allow “modifications” (shelves, etc) ((please do not modify the apartments unless they are removable storage, and no holes to be done to the walls)). You can do a lot with this space! There’s a iHop, Cheeba Hut, Kum & Go, hotels, a new subway, Fuzzies Tacos and Waffle House right around the corner! You’re one exit away from Garden of The Gods Rd, and the main attraction “Garden of The Gods”! There’s even a car wash! Fillmore has a ton of fast food, and cute little diners that serve amazing food too! It’s really a good location! The view of the city is amazing when you look out your back window.”


Thank you, our anonymous Resident, for taking the time to write this comprehensive review and for the 5-Star rating. 🙂


5-Star Paloma Terrace Review