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1 Bedroom, One Bedroom in Colorado Springs, CO

1 Bedroom Apartments Colorado Springs Floor Plans

Yes, these are our 1 bedroom apartments Colorado Springs floor plans. They’re an ideal proportion of open floor space that flows well to accommodate how you live at 2910 Sage Street in Northwest Colorado Springs. Call (719) 634-7034 and let us welcome you to our community.

1 Bedroom Plans in Colorado Springs CO

We specialize in Colorado Springs 1 bedroom apartments living space and offer you country-style living with three great floor plans, a large south courtyard lawn, and other open spaces on 2.1 acres of beautiful Colorado Springs land.

Three Layouts + Mirror Layouts

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Plan A

Affordable one bedroom apartments Plans A
Plan A
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Plan B

One Bedroom Plans B
Plan B
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Plan C

One Bedroom Plans C
Plan C
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In a world that seems to always want more, bigger is not always better. Two of our three open-space plans have a mirror image layout to broaden your selection of apartments in Northwest Colorado Springs.

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You're welcome to Call (719) 634-7034, or Write using our email form, or Chat with us when we’re online or 24/7 ask Helper Bot. No cost to look, and you'll be happy you did.

Pets, Free Parking, Lease Rates, Availability

We are pet friendly apartments in Colorado Springs with ample free parking in lots front and back. Recent lease rates and availability.

Colorado Springs Apartments for Rent

Our 1 bedroom Colorado Springs apartments are your best apartments value today.

Availability shown above may have changed for the floor plan you want, so give us a call at (719) 634-7034, or email us, or Chat with us to find out. This could be your lucky day.

Recent 12-month leases have been from $950 to $1,055. That can change, of course, which means the key to get your best rate is to lease early.

Apartment Home Sizes

The sizes of our Colorado Springs apartments are 400, 425, and 430 square feet, and size isn't everything. These well-designed homes are an ideal proportion of open floor space that flows well to accommodate how you live. You have to see one to appreciate it.

If you want suggestions, WikiHow has a long page with graphics and dialog on how to organize a small apartment. Small rooms don’t mean you have big storage problems.

1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Yes, there are affordable 1 bedroom layout apartments for rent in Colorado Springs. Ours are affordable but not cheap, and we’ll be happy to show you the high caliber of the management team, homes and community you can enjoy here at Paloma Terrace. Just ask.

Living Space Flow

How an apartment’s living space accommodates you and the way you live is an important feature that often goes unnoticed. That unnoticed feature is know as ‘living space flow’. Our open space plans flow very well and are an ideal proportion in open floor-plan layouts that ease your daily life at home. It’s important for you to actually see.

Apply Online • Application & Qualification

The rental application and qualification criteria are here for you to read, print or download. And you can apply online now! Please call (719) 634-7034 to verify lease rates and availability. Thank you.

Come see our Colorado Springs apartments for yourself. You’ll like what you see in our community and efficient 1-bedroom floor plans.

Preview Your New Home in Person

We suggest you preview your new home in person before signing a lease to make sure it meets your lifestyle needs. Whether you rent one of our apartment homes in Colorado Springs or pay more somewhere else, please don't lease it if you haven't walked it.